The Region

Once upon a time the Maremma was a salt marsh, yet now it is one of the most fertile parts of Tuscany, with extensive pastureland and vast stretches of woods, olive groves and vineyards. It occupies a fair part of southern Tuscany and most of the province of Grosseto. The landscape here is particularly beautiful, in which natural elements still play a fundamental role. The wide variety of different landscapes and its features of a land where life is still lived according to ancient rhythms make it a place of undoubted interest for any traveller.
The 130 km coastline is part of the province of Grosseto, alternating sheer cliffs and sandy beaches. In terms of varied morphology, it is one of the most representative sections of Tuscany.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters, hot dry summers, windy springs, and autumns so warm they often continue into December.