The present

Over the years, La Badiola was dismembered and passed into the hands of numerous owners, each of whom converted it in some way. In 2000, the heart of the estate was bought by the Moretti family, which has safeguarded it and Leopold’s villa from the ravages of time.
Grand Duke Leopold’s project finds new expression in the concrete dream of Vittorio Moretti, a entrepreneur from Franciacorta, renowned for its sparkling wine production, who -  two centuries on – took up the moral and entrepreneurial legacy of Leopold II, with whom he shared the same passion for this secluded part of Tuscany, so diverse and fascinating.  He set to work immediately, to bring out from these places out the good and the beautiful, which had awaited a magical unveiling since time immemorial.
With this dream in his heart, Vittorio Moretti, together with daughter Carmen and son-in-law Martino De Rosa, had all the buildings in the old settlement rebuilt, converting the Grand Duke’s villa into what was to become Hotel L'Andana, Alain Ducasse’s first auberge in Italy. Thanks to their contagious enthusiasm, and supported by the irresistible charm of the landscape, the Morettis succeeded in getting the great French chef – who had on more than one occasion declared “Jamais en Italie!” - to believe in the estate and the ambitious project of renovation.

This is how Alain Ducasse remembers the moment when he was forced to change his mind: “It was a meeting as fortuitous as it was fortunate. I met Vittorio Moretti and Martino De Rosa at the home of some friends we had in common. They talked about this estate in the Maremma as if it were the perfect place to do something out of the ordinary in terms of top class accommodation, and I realised we had many ideas in common. After seeing the place for myself, with its rich history and charms, I inevitably joined forces with them."
Thus, in 2004, thanks to the Italo-French joint venture by the Terra Moretti and Alain Ducasse groups, the five-star L’Andana opened its doors for the first time. Ducasse brought here his lifelong passion for the profession of aubergiste which -  he thinks – calls for “extremely subtle knowledge, the ability to organise an encounter between a story and a sensation”.
Casa Badiola Golf House was added to this first nucleus in 2010 in order to enhance the hospitality offer of Tenuta La Badiola with 14 guestrooms tailor-made for families, golfers and nature-lovers.

The Moretti Family also focused on developing the vine-growing and wine-making project, adding to the blessing of water – represented by the Acquagiusta spring right under the estate – that of wine and oil. On the 500-hectare estate they set up the Tenuta La Badiola winery, which presses grapes from 30 hectares of hillside vineyards to produce Acquagiusta red, white and rosé. What’s more, the Badiola olive grove, planted at the time of Leopold II, produces a special extra-virgin olive oil called And’Olio, featuring the authentic scents of the Mediterranean macchia.
A stockfarm raising Maremma cattle has returned the estate to its ancient splendour as a place of residence and work, one that borrows its distinctive features from nature.

It is precisely as if Vittorio Moretti and Alain Ducasse re-experienced Leopold's first fortunate glimpse into the future – they all saw what was not yet there to be seen.

It must not be forgotten, however, that the stories of these three key figures are linked by the many men whose daily work has contributed to the luck of this much-loved and generous land, which has been transformed over the centuries but has never lost its identity and beauty.

The Alain Ducasse Group is dedicated to providing culinary pleasures and fine accommodation to meet the needs of a new kind of client, different, mobile and international. Alain Ducasse is the best known French chef, a master at combining traditional recipes with the innovations of nouvelle cuisine.  Born and raised in Gascony and initiated into the culinary art at the hotel school in Bordeaux, Ducasse has been awarded no less than 33 Michelin stars in 28 restaurants. His philosophy is based on the use of natural ingredients and produce, and he re-interprets them to produce dishes that delight the palate with a winning mix of traditional tastes and culinary experimentation. He has brought to L'Andana his passion for the art of aubergiste (guest-host), which in his opinion requires “extremely subtle knowledge, the ability to organise an encounter between a story and a sensation”.

Alain Ducasse is president of Hotel L’Andana.

Holding Terra Moretti. In 1996, an idea that was taking shape received a name, and once named, it became reality and was able to communicate.
First and foremost, Terra Moretti means a place, linked to a family from Franciacorta, to one story that has become many.
It is the land and the dreams of its creator, the result of imagination and tenacity, day after day.

However, the term land does not just mean where your roots are, namely the Bellavista hill, one of the first above Erbusco, it conveys the desire to extend beyond the horizon, to breathe. Beloved mother earth, vast enough to allow us to leave and return, sowing ideas, finding other places, other enterprises. Accompanied by the curiosity of more attractive encounters, of different people that become immediately familiar once their shared empathy becomes evident.
This is a fundamental condition to feeling happy even somewhere else. Vittorio Moretti has made it is mission, by seeking, wherever the opportunity arises, a perspective that never forgets its origins. Seeking uniqueness means combining design capability with a respect for tradition, transforming something that already exists, having understood or even discovered its true value.
This is why Terra Moretti is able to offer locations, services and products where the good and the useful are closely related to a desire for beauty, for something that will last, in which quality is a both a tool and an end, a daily achievement.

Holding Terra Moretti comprises 11 companies operating in four separate yet complementary sectors:

  • building contruction: Moretti Industria delle Costruzioni and its subsidiaries Moretti Prefabbricati, Moretti Interholz, Moretti Contract and Moretti Real Estate
  • boat building: Maxi Dolphin
  • wineries: Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Petra and Tenuta La Badiola
  • resorts: L’Albereta, L’Andana and Casa Badiola Golf House

This complex group relies on highly motivated people willing to do their best, striving to achieve security and satisfaction, the only known measures of personal and corporate success.
A sense of responsibility, spirit of initiative and conviction are their shared values, providing the energy required to find the best solutions, to innovate and renew.

Carmen Moretti is the AD of the hotel L’Andana and the vicepresident of Tenuta La Badiola.