The past

The story of Tenuta La Badiolia started in the eighteen hundreds thanks to the efforts of a great man, Leopold II of Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany. He was an enterprising and forward-looking man, who took it upon himself to promote the work of the local craftsmen, who were fearful, sluggish and worn out by centuries of hardship and poverty.

La Badiola is where Leopold decided to launch a major project to reclaim the marshy part of the Maremma in the province of Grosseto.

In 1826, when he stopped in the area during a tour of the swampy coastland, the lake near Castiglione still covered a huge area. As he contemplated the views from a balcony at La Badiola he resolved to undertake this huge task to eliminate malaria from the Maremma, which he called “sick, in need of assistance, beautiful and rich in hope” having been left to its own devices since late Roman times.

Leopold was so deeply struck by the place that he decided to  build one of his great villas here at La Badiola. It was destined to come the summer residence of his court, and its Medici features have been perfectly preserved.

La Badiola thus gradually became a natural paradise, a “place of delights” as Leopold defined it, where he established the villages and farms that would develop the Maremma agriculturally.

The building was located in a conveniently elevated position and, more importantly, lay close to a pure underground spring, which in stark contrast to the surrounding marshes earned itself the name of Acquagiusta [lit. right water].